May 15-16, 2018

Having another burst of progress. 2×2 patch of lettuces sown yesterday.

Yesterday, moved outside: owari satsuma, squash, tomatoes, pepper, tomtato, catnip, horseradish, goji, tea plant onto table in covered carpot area. Moved many to covered bed to hopefully harden off further, and not just cook and die.

Black specks that look like invertebrate/insect poop on many plant leaves, and the leaves of some of the covered radishes appear to have been nibbled. Strawberry plant was definitely nibbled.

Shifted trellis to straddle the peas, not the aisle. Easier access to the duck water for watering again.

Neighbor H. gave us a great deal of soaker hose yesterday – must learn how to get them in place ASAP to make adequate watering possible/not grueling.

Goumi in full bloom, saw a mason bee pollinating it, and then fly into the mason bee house over the gutter!

Sowed more of both chive types today.

I find the astonishing variety of the Wild Garden lettuce mix beautiful and awesome, and they grow so quickly-ish and gorgeously. I want to grow more, just because they’re so cute. Also food. Some are too cute to eat!

Eugene picked a beautiful giant pink pot for the owari satsuma. I plan to pot it in a mix of the garden soil, and either sand/vermi, or coir, based on what else I read about their needs. And some Down To Earth citrus mix.

I want to start a few onions, even if far too late, in the new good soil mix I made, vs. the garden soil the others are in, and see if it makes the same crazy difference as it seemed to with the lettuce. D

Ducklings spent most of yesterday and all of today outside. Very cute.

MAY 16

Still a warm week, though chiilly today, despite the sun.

Saw that the sunchoke I planted towards the front of the house has grown! must lavel, lest it be mown.

Muscovy ducklings any time now. It lookied like perhaps I was seeing an internal pip today.

More black grow bags arrayed. Planted purple viking potatoes. Organic yellow store potatoes and the blue apron multicolor potatoes are still to go.

Ordered Japanese Rakkyo (from Japan) from ebay.

May 8, 2018


It seems that the warm part of Spring has begun in earnest. The runner ducklings were able to spend much of yesterday evening outside, and have been outside most of today so far.

The bananas are throwing their first non-crap leaves.

Crows & ospreys nesting.

Put out birdbath & refilled feeders.

Set goji, bell peppers, and accompanying squash, and lemongrass outside.

Pulled tomato starts out of 10g – too tall! Many are very floppy. Relatedly, I realize I don’t know dick in a meaningful way, re: hardening off.

May 5, 2018

Ozette potatoes (first square, planted in march) have sprouted, about two days ago, while the sunchokes seem to just be coming up today.

5 “yezberry” sugar pie haskaps came yesterday – very small and packed without any love whatsoever, but otherwise apparently healthy.

We are perhaps the new potential “owners” of a super sketchy monstrosity of a camo pickup with Navy junk all over it, as well as a boat in the back. Intriguing, but v. questionable, and a free truck and boat are likely to be the worst kind.

Went to the garden club plant sale – but cash or check only, no cards, so I put my three things back and awkwarded away.

Purchased large coir brick, 25lb sack of starter mix from Down To Earth fertilizers, and a cow femur for Basie from Island Lumber.

Had a nice visit with A.W.’s mom.

Today also Ace’s annual we’ll-pot-your-plant event.

Did nearly as low as possible a dose of Starter Mix in beds A, B, F, w/ spot treatments in E & D (1 cup/8 ft)

Planted 16 of about 20 shallots from Kathy’s trip with dad.

Heeled in the 5 Jersey Knight asparagus.

May 1, 2018

Today started slowly, but finished on some quality garden progress, with three squares of Maxibel bush beans. We both like beans quite a bit, and they seem like an easy crop for success.

Sowed also corn salad (a square off from where I meant to), Hong Vit radish greens, and what should grow into some very purple p=baby amaranth “greens”.

I am suspicious of ony two chicken eggs today from seven hens, particularly when I know for sure now that they’re willing ot start stashes outside of the coop (probably because 3/6 boxes have crabby broody mamaducks sitting in them.)

For being a shamefully tool and using-the-right-tool averse person so far innto my life, I am proud of setting to and using the tape measure, marker, staple gun, and orange surveying twine to square out the actual square foot squares – they came out looking quite close, and made planting grids much more even and satisfying.

Dang Wembley ate the tops off of all the baby lemongrass.

After several overcast days, this evening was beautiful, and the the forecast shows a significant presence of sunshine in the coming 10 days.

I experience an ongoing feeling that I’m missing some kind of garden staple for kitchen garden eating, but factually also seem to have my bases covered.

April 28, 2018

We had a great big outdoors day together when I got home from Kidding Around – didn’t go back inside until dark. Eugene got the garden fenced from the birds, and a slight dog impediment in place.

He also put up the canopy from J&C, which is very nice, indeed!

Got many more seeds sown indoors last night, and the Siberian Peas potted on Thursday in the 20 gallon felt pots. The goumi was potted earlier in a galvanized tub – the lingonberry waits in safety w/the salal.

Want to get perennial herbs & strawberries covering the soil in perennial pots & ground areas.

Up-potted Olympia spinaches.

Want/need to plant a second round of each squash kind as backup.

Today, we ordered 5 Sugar Pie “Yezberry” haskap/honeyberry – I will learn more about them, and proceed to plant them like a low hedge if still appropriate.

Also researched tasty-sounding blueberry varieties w/attractive foliage, but may just buy at Kathy’s to know that I’m getting the appropriate kinds.

The ducklings have not begun to quack, etc, and are just getting feathers. They had a good bath today.

Started/resumed bamboo labels w/arrival of Amazon order – I want to ultimately have pretty copper metal labels on the perennials, and the bamboo tags for annuals. Note from later: Wood labels do not hold up at all. Do not rebuy.

I also want to remember to look up whether my squash flowering in the indoor pots (literally nipped the bud early) means I need to change their environment.

The fence around the garden and the abililty to plant the whole thing now makes it feel extra real! I think cardboard and shavings as a base layer of weed barrier will make the garden look legit at hell.

Need to remember to accept neighbor H’s generous offer of her soaker hoses for the garden’s.

BMF’s dwarf orchard is just the cutest tiny trees in the world.

April 24, 2018

The goumi, two Siberian peas, and one Lingonberry have been here for a few days. I punched holes in a galvanized bucket (which I may come to regret) and planted the goumi in it. I agave the hugelfruits each a coco fiber ring around the base, perhaps to protect them from the chickens. (Summarily excavated by said chickens. Blueberry now has a bark ring.)

The Owari mandarin, lemon verbena, and lemongrass had a yard vacation today, in the bright shade, and I swear the lemongrass seems to have visibly grown (perhaps the real sun helped it straighten).

Lori brought a large black Tuscan kale, and I sent her off with ailsa craig onions, wasabi arugula, Italian chicory, and red Russian kale start spares from Pacific Potager.

The rotten/dead tree in the front yard came down yesterday while I was working @ BMF, too.

Runner ducklings had their first time in the grass – TP & MF came in to meet them, and Basie was great with everybody.