The dump truck and trailer are proving useful! The first trip for the Topkick under the auspices of It Vends Incorporated has been completed: a trek to Bremerton, hauling away an old pickup truck to be scrapped. It has been a long metaphorical journey to get this rig rolling, and there are more steps to take on this path (of course).

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Serious Business

Zoji, a duckling with a recovering deformity on his bill, follows us around in the yard as water drip-tubes are installed.
Zoji, irrigation hydrospecialist

It Vends Incorporated is a self-perpetuating holistic company for the benefit of its current and future participants. It was formally established in 2019 by Eugene Kashpureff and Hannah Green as a Profit Corporation in Vashon, Washington, United States of America, planet Earth. We offer a variety of products from our home gardens:

  • Poultry: live or frozen ducks and chickens, eggs, feathers
  • Plantings: lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, squash, herbs.
  • Services: project advice and labor, materiel delivery, community goodwill


The first incarnation of “It Vends” was a feature of a chat bot for a trading guild in an online MMORPG. Items could retrieved from a predefined list by the simple command: !vend. In 2011, popularity growth lead to the purchase of the itvends.com domain to provide a Web Interface, and a gradual expansion of the items list. Over several years, the idea has become a lifestyle brand, popular phrase, lifestyle, and mission for its creators.

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Dump Truck


Today, It Vends Incorporated began the process of acquiring a vehicle. It will primarily be used to move farm equipment, materials and products. Secondary uses may be able to generate income to offset the costs of upkeep – landscaping services, advertising space, material hauling, etc. Some facts:

  • 1991 GMC Topkick C7000
  • Caterpillar C3116, 6.6L Inline-6 210hp, front PTO hydraulic pump
  • Allison AT643 Automatic transmission
  • Gross Vehicle Weight 24,980lb
  • 8,100lb + 19,000lb sprung axles
  • Air brake system, 125psi
  • Port tanks: 50-gallon diesel, hydraulic
  • Starboard: battery & tool boxes
  • 4+ yard dump bed, two-way tailgate, hydraulic crane
  • Pintle trailer hitch, 2x hydraulic hookups
  • Color: DuPont 7744. Popularly known as Key Lime Green.