Serious Business

Zoji, a duckling with a recovering deformity on his bill, follows us around in the yard as water drip-tubes are installed.
Zoji, irrigation hydrospecialist

It Vends Incorporated is a self-perpetuating holistic company for the benefit of its current and future participants. It was formally established in 2019 by Eugene Kashpureff and Hannah Green as a Profit Corporation in Vashon, Washington, United States of America, planet Earth. We offer a variety of products from our home gardens:

  • Poultry: live or frozen ducks and chickens, eggs, feathers
  • Plantings: lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, squash, herbs.
  • Services: project advice and labor, materiel delivery, community goodwill


The first incarnation of “It Vends” was a feature of a chat bot for a trading guild in an online MMORPG. Items could retrieved from a predefined list by the simple command: !vend. In 2011, popularity growth lead to the purchase of the domain to provide a Web Interface, and a gradual expansion of the items list. Over several years, the idea has become a lifestyle brand, popular phrase, lifestyle, and mission for its creators.

Basie, our pet rottweiler, stands with his tongue out, eager to play or deposit or drink, all at once.
Basie is eager to “vend”

“It Vends!” is the concept that an entity is able to sustain itself through consumption of resources and creation of byproducts; fabricate components for iterative replication; and effect external change through autonomous willful action or novelty of purpose. Most of these properties can be found or inferred in a variety of different “entities”, permitting great flexibility and inclusiveness in definition:

  • Biological: creatures using cellular division or sexual reproduction
  • Social constructs: family, company, government, religion
  • Knowledge: books, libraries, universities, search engine
  • Machinery: wheel, lathe, combustion engine, semiconductor

In short, if It can eat, grow, reproduce, work, and leave residue, It Vends change.

As a Washington C Corporation (It Vends Incorporated) we fulfill all of the qualifying criteria: our board of Governors forms decisions (autonomy), we produce documentation of fundamental processes and invite others to follow our pattern (replication), engage in commercial trade to produce profit (input/output), and seek to improve our environment for our successors to enjoy. Thus, It Vends!


Our home farm is an ongoing development of practical agriculture at a small scale. We have a poultry flock comprised of ducks and chickens. Construction is underway of a new coop and habitat to support a growing number of yellow-ish fluffs. Our yard gardens are home to a variety of greenery grown from seeds, starts, stalks, and transplants. Laid out into raised-beds, with the occasional weed-tending duck on patrol, they are a source of nourishment and tranquility. We have farm-fresh duck and chicken eggs available at our home farm-stand, open to all passers-by and visitors.

Headed home from inspection, waiting for the ferry back onto Vashon Island

We are also working to bring a Dump Truck into useful service. This will be a great asset to future operations in the field, on the road, and at fancy parties. We have a lot of soil, stones, feed, waste, and (eventually) sale-able products to market! There is also a trailer being refurbished for hauling equipment like tractors, an excavator. It’s a dump truck, you can haul whatever you want with it.


Our immediate desire is to establish a solid foundation of economic and legal structure. In the near term, garden systems and other assets bear significant upkeep costs. Development of profitable output products and services are ongoing.

All puns are intended or accidental. Stay tuned to for updates and distant aspirations!