April 7, 2019

Parsnips and beets have definitely germinated.

Wild garden lettuce is taking its time.

The large goumi and all the haskap are in bloom.

Finished the third 2×8 garden bed of DripWorks irrigation – it was really a confidence-booster to get rolling on actual dripline – it’s hard to imagine a garden that doesn’t need me to water it!

More x-pens came. The real garden solution is a taller perimeter fence, but at least the panels let me also protect plants while raising ducklings.

Getting 4 Dominant Copper and 1 Colorpack layer hybrid from K.O.S. They’ll be 4 weeks old tomorrow, and definitely female.

Emptied and refilled all the plastic nestbox tubs in the coop.

Somebirdie bit an owie red raw spot on the poor pied duckling.

According to Muscovy group discussion, Skateboard is probably one of the uncommon bronze ducks – a color also required for ‘fume’. Can be determined w/linebreeding to a daughter from a black or blue pairing, according to someone who seems to know what they’re talking about.

Trouble is figuring out the ol’ genotypes.

Thought I’d almost used the roll of dripline, which is sort of true, but there’s an unopened fresh roll of both emitter and blind lines and tons of everything but stakes.