April 4, 2019

Candles last night, and Lentil appears to have 2 babies cookin’.

14 live eggs under Snorkel due around the 17th

Alto F1 leek starts just germinated

Moved the 2 boy mules (who might not be sterile), and Rory, who is just kinda crappy, and old enough to go to the farm, to the side yard, to give the females some peace. Males in the main yard now are Oli, Pogo, Skateboard, and Yoshi.

Females are Utie, Ankka, Greycie, Papi (in garden w/babes), Snorkel, Scooter, Blue Mama, Mule Mama (pink band) Barred Oligirl, atipico gal, blue swedish-laced farmgirl.

Golden beets & parsnips are germinating. First oca w/leaves popping.

Uncovered the parsnips and beets, previously burlapped. Made an x-pen peak above them, and a burlap strip relaid to hover over the parsnips.

Applied citrus fertilizer to most garden perennials.

Seeded in cups:
Thelma Sanders’ Sweet Potato Squash
Winter Luxury Squash
Empress of India Nasturtiums

Covered the sorrel last night, and produced some feeble deer deterrence around a couple of things in the front yard.

The hardware cloth half-cylinder is now over the garden strawberries and fennel that were chickened so badly on Tuesday.

Up-potted the small avocado and galangal.

Told dad I’d give him $100 for all his haskap plants

Seeded a tiny grid of Chinese garlic chives with the baby goumi.

Seeded mixed edible flowers in an Empress Wu pot.

Carrots and radishes now under the long screen

Note that some covers that insects fit through are needed for pollination, but others that slow down butterflies and cabbage flies would also be desirable.

Ongoing focus of protecting plants without compromising the various exposures they require, and then of getting the garden’s look a little more uniform again. It’s getting a bit of the junkyard vibe I don’t crave.

Dripworks irrigation arrived – looking forward to checking it out, hopefully tomorrow.

All the boys were back in the main bird area when I came home from work and went to put them away – and Oli was with Papi and the babes in the garden.