March 26, 2019

  • Planted a number of carrots: Dolvica (pelleted), Oxheart, Red-cored Chantenay (the last of the seed), and covered with burlap from work. Prepared the bed with a very conservative quantity of Down to Earth Starter Fertilizer beforehand.
  • 1 more broken Ancona egg (16 now)
  • Neat to see the rooster rush in to stop a hen squabble, and he tattled when Basie let himself into the bird side of the yard.
  • The 3 ducklings I kept from Papi’s hatch (blueM, piedM, atipico blackF) are incredibly cute and outgoing, though the pied one tugged my earring, punched my eye, and pinched my nose.
  • Helped at work’s garden – we laid ground cloth, pegged & slit it, and I sowed carrots, beets, kale, & chard while the beds ahead of me were leveled and more soil tilled. Rained as we wrapped up, and then was sunny today – perfect for new seeds.
  • Peeked at pre-emergent mashua and another beginning to leaf. Moved ex-pen panels (x4) to surround where I think the mashua are.
  • Both goumi, one Siberian pea, and the honeyberries are budding – the Sugar Pies are already forming little green flowers.