Goals 3/16/2019


  • Have Muscovy flock on the farm since last June
  • Have harvested & traded a number of drakes in 2018
  • We pick up unwanted roosters from other islanders and harvest them, offering one as finished meat in return when appropriate, but primarily , in return, I am able to offer a limited necropsy report, which can be indicative of the flock’s health.
  • Perennial onions & strawberry plants, among others, have made it happily through winter.
  • Have sold ducklings (6) again this year, as well as a number of eggs, mostly chicken
  • Have an indoor light rack & shelving for indoor plants & seeds
  • Traded eggs for live rabbits & processed them
  • Perennial woody herbs in front yard bed.
  • Sold 2 adult Muscovy hens to R.

What’s New

  • Flock has expanded to include 14 hens and, temporarily, 1 rooster.
  • With ducks, flock total is almost 80 birds between the home property & farm.
  • Intent of processing facility is solid, and progress continues to be made toward the end of legal meat.
  • Doing others’ roosters is largely new to this year.
  • On waiting list w/ Holderread Waterfowl for Hookbill ducks.
  • Lentil, The House Chicken, and her currently 18 eggs
  • GP of SB expressed a conversational interest in the purchase of Muscovy ducklings.
  • ~40 lbs of meat we didn’t have to raise, house, feed, or love, harvested so far this year
  • Truffles (Oregon whites?) grow in the rhododendrons below our window.
  • Kaffir lime died


  • Complete processing area & produce legal meats
  • Continue to harvest roosters & trade for rabbits
  • Complete new, larger coop
  • Determine and do first harvest/thinning of Muscovy hens
  • Continue w/perennials
  • Keep up w/food kitchen garden
  • Safe & attractive baby bays for mother ducks to brood
  • Water automation – watering for plants & birds
  • Many strawberries, alpine
  • Oca
  • Continue to build soil level in wet yard and fence gaps
  • Keep up a trickle of positive community activity via birds
  • Increase perennial food crops
  • Produce next generation of laying hens
  • Increase family’s enjoyment of the flock
  • Portable/movable duck run cycle