Goals 6/12/18


  • Been eating (snacking out of the garden for over a month
  • Garden area fenced from chickens
  • Many soil bags awaiting planting
  • Helping others w/their gardens while mine is well underway.


  • People want my ducks!
  • I can keep ducks on the far. No longer tightly confined to yard.
  • Ankka’s a great mom and hatched many babies. Also Papi & Greycie.
  • People also want my garden labor – I’m apparently a steal, and I can’t believe how quickly the time goes when I’m somewhat literally digging into a project.


  • Hannerz, Empress of Duck, with enough happy birds for a regular stream of meat & eggs, selling to small wholesale customers.
  • Duck charcutienne


  • Partially offset muscovy cost w/meat, egg, and live bird sales
  • Have a happy, healthy flock that family enjoys.
  • Through birds’ presence on the farm, increase my own.
  • Build perennial landscape
  • Grow for flavors and educational interest together
  • Build on small citrus collection
  • Grow Thai and other unique Asian flavors
  • Plan and work on indoor food production
  • Develop winter garden plan