May 19-22, 2018

All Gardener’s Sweetheart tomatoes planted out, and most Gold Nuggets. Planted hopefully-hardened squash plants, and it made it easy to see the difference between the vigorous hybrid squash, and my somewhat gimpy heirlooms.

All of Ankka’s babies are out – 13? perfect things. One baby came out before it was ready and died, and is now under the lemon balm plant. Two of the babies look to be chocolates (They weren’t. Those are atipico or ‘dusky’ solid blacks) with most predominantly yellow as hell. (barred blacks)

The first of Papi/Greycie’s eggs has pipped externally, ever so slightly.

Runner ducklings sleep in the coop now – it’s warm enough, and they’re mostly feathered out. Plus we needed them the heck out of the house.

Every one of Ankka’s fertile eggs made it to term – good mama!

May 20, 2018

Transplanted Greycie & Papi’s early-hatched baby to Ankka, as the two mamas were having custody issue. He’s a little small and tired, and not quite ready for his valiant stumbling after his more mobile siblings, but the lot of them soon went to bed. And better to be pushed a little early than stepped on by two fussing mamas.

Later this evening, another baby was/is nearly completely out, but not looking quite ready, and the two mamas are too eager to eat the eggshells, and crunched on the egg a bit w/baby still in.

I moved that babe-in-shell to under Ankka w/all the other babes, and wished it a restful, warm night and good luck.

Ankka and her babies spend much of the day and are sleeping in a blue storage tote of shavings on its side under the coop, w/ food, water, and some cardboard for warmth and privacy.

While stressed and busy-feeling, I am bursting at the seams with a sense of satisfaction re: gardening, rat-catching, and did I mention gardening? And real ducklings!

I am to make 6 Zeppelin delicata starts for the farm, and dad wants super sweet corn and microgreens shopping help for Earthen. High Mowing will be the house with the answer.

May 21, 2018

Perhaps all ducklings that we’re going to have hatched. I gave all hatched babies to Ankka, in the hope that Papi & Greycie will sit longer on the last 3 eggs. P8 definitely has a live baby in it, who sometimes taps.

I ate the second radish o the year/garden/probably the first ever on this property.

Moved the main tray of starts outside to begin to harden. THe outdoor ‘alley’ has good light for a middle step.

Sudden thought: move the table to the alley over the straw to harden things en masse in a nice mid level brightness.

Ordered a nice, large, glass hummingbird feeder, after a hummingbird stared in the window, reminding me that not all birds are into seeds. The 12 or so evening grosbeaks was very neat.

Considering 5-10 gallon felt planters for smaller/temporary plants, and to add a bit of visual variance without using as much soil

The cats (Wembley) mowed the lemongrass again.

Gotta get them honeyberries all repotted.

A next large step for the garden will be the establishment of the soaker hose system. It is beginning to get hot in the season, and I would like to relieve myself of handwatering BEFORE it’s an unbearable burden.

May 22, 2018

There are 20 perfect babies w/ Ankka. 15 yellow w/black tail fans + schmutz, and 5 black +brownish babies w/yellow bibs. One has all-black legs.

  • The first super-sugars have blossomed.
  • One of the mason bee tubes is mostly capped.
  • The direct-seeded squash have sprouted, esp. Sweet Meat
  • A 2nd comfrey plant arises
  • 2×2 Lettuce patch looking good
  • Corn salad has second tiny leaves
  • Sowed nutri-red carrots last night around tomato