May 15-16, 2018

Having another burst of progress. 2×2 patch of lettuces sown yesterday.

Yesterday, moved outside: owari satsuma, squash, tomatoes, pepper, tomtato, catnip, horseradish, goji, tea plant onto table in covered carpot area. Moved many to covered bed to hopefully harden off further, and not just cook and die.

Black specks that look like invertebrate/insect poop on many plant leaves, and the leaves of some of the covered radishes appear to have been nibbled. Strawberry plant was definitely nibbled.

Shifted trellis to straddle the peas, not the aisle. Easier access to the duck water for watering again.

Neighbor H. gave us a great deal of soaker hose yesterday – must learn how to get them in place ASAP to make adequate watering possible/not grueling.

Goumi in full bloom, saw a mason bee pollinating it, and then fly into the mason bee house over the gutter!

Sowed more of both chive types today.

I find the astonishing variety of the Wild Garden lettuce mix beautiful and awesome, and they grow so quickly-ish and gorgeously. I want to grow more, just because they’re so cute. Also food. Some are too cute to eat!

Eugene picked a beautiful giant pink pot for the owari satsuma. I plan to pot it in a mix of the garden soil, and either sand/vermi, or coir, based on what else I read about their needs. And some Down To Earth citrus mix.

I want to start a few onions, even if far too late, in the new good soil mix I made, vs. the garden soil the others are in, and see if it makes the same crazy difference as it seemed to with the lettuce. D

Ducklings spent most of yesterday and all of today outside. Very cute.

MAY 16

Still a warm week, though chiilly today, despite the sun.

Saw that the sunchoke I planted towards the front of the house has grown! must lavel, lest it be mown.

Muscovy ducklings any time now. It lookied like perhaps I was seeing an internal pip today.

More black grow bags arrayed. Planted purple viking potatoes. Organic yellow store potatoes and the blue apron multicolor potatoes are still to go.

Ordered Japanese Rakkyo (from Japan) from ebay.