May 5, 2018

Ozette potatoes (first square, planted in march) have sprouted, about two days ago, while the sunchokes seem to just be coming up today.

5 “yezberry” sugar pie haskaps came yesterday – very small and packed without any love whatsoever, but otherwise apparently healthy.

We are perhaps the new potential “owners” of a super sketchy monstrosity of a camo pickup with Navy junk all over it, as well as a boat in the back. Intriguing, but v. questionable, and a free truck and boat are likely to be the worst kind.

Went to the garden club plant sale – but cash or check only, no cards, so I put my three things back and awkwarded away.

Purchased large coir brick, 25lb sack of starter mix from Down To Earth fertilizers, and a cow femur for Basie from Island Lumber.

Had a nice visit with A.W.’s mom.

Today also Ace’s annual we’ll-pot-your-plant event.

Did nearly as low as possible a dose of Starter Mix in beds A, B, F, w/ spot treatments in E & D (1 cup/8 ft)

Planted 16 of about 20 shallots from Kathy’s trip with dad.

Heeled in the 5 Jersey Knight asparagus.