May 1, 2018

Today started slowly, but finished on some quality garden progress, with three squares of Maxibel bush beans. We both like beans quite a bit, and they seem like an easy crop for success.

Sowed also corn salad (a square off from where I meant to), Hong Vit radish greens, and what should grow into some very purple p=baby amaranth “greens”.

I am suspicious of ony two chicken eggs today from seven hens, particularly when I know for sure now that they’re willing ot start stashes outside of the coop (probably because 3/6 boxes have crabby broody mamaducks sitting in them.)

For being a shamefully tool and using-the-right-tool averse person so far innto my life, I am proud of setting to and using the tape measure, marker, staple gun, and orange surveying twine to square out the actual square foot squares – they came out looking quite close, and made planting grids much more even and satisfying.

Dang Wembley ate the tops off of all the baby lemongrass.

After several overcast days, this evening was beautiful, and the the forecast shows a significant presence of sunshine in the coming 10 days.

I experience an ongoing feeling that I’m missing some kind of garden staple for kitchen garden eating, but factually also seem to have my bases covered.