April 28, 2018

We had a great big outdoors day together when I got home from Kidding Around – didn’t go back inside until dark. Eugene got the garden fenced from the birds, and a slight dog impediment in place.

He also put up the canopy from J&C, which is very nice, indeed!

Got many more seeds sown indoors last night, and the Siberian Peas potted on Thursday in the 20 gallon felt pots. The goumi was potted earlier in a galvanized tub – the lingonberry waits in safety w/the salal.

Want to get perennial herbs & strawberries covering the soil in perennial pots & ground areas.

Up-potted Olympia spinaches.

Want/need to plant a second round of each squash kind as backup.

Today, we ordered 5 Sugar Pie “Yezberry” haskap/honeyberry – I will learn more about them, and proceed to plant them like a low hedge if still appropriate.

Also researched tasty-sounding blueberry varieties w/attractive foliage, but may just buy at Kathy’s to know that I’m getting the appropriate kinds.

The ducklings have not begun to quack, etc, and are just getting feathers. They had a good bath today.

Started/resumed bamboo labels w/arrival of Amazon order – I want to ultimately have pretty copper metal labels on the perennials, and the bamboo tags for annuals. Note from later: Wood labels do not hold up at all. Do not rebuy.

I also want to remember to look up whether my squash flowering in the indoor pots (literally nipped the bud early) means I need to change their environment.

The fence around the garden and the abililty to plant the whole thing now makes it feel extra real! I think cardboard and shavings as a base layer of weed barrier will make the garden look legit at hell.

Need to remember to accept neighbor H’s generous offer of her soaker hoses for the garden’s.

BMF’s dwarf orchard is just the cutest tiny trees in the world.