April 24, 2018

The goumi, two Siberian peas, and one Lingonberry have been here for a few days. I punched holes in a galvanized bucket (which I may come to regret) and planted the goumi in it. I agave the hugelfruits each a coco fiber ring around the base, perhaps to protect them from the chickens. (Summarily excavated by said chickens. Blueberry now has a bark ring.)

The Owari mandarin, lemon verbena, and lemongrass had a yard vacation today, in the bright shade, and I swear the lemongrass seems to have visibly grown (perhaps the real sun helped it straighten).

Lori brought a large black Tuscan kale, and I sent her off with ailsa craig onions, wasabi arugula, Italian chicory, and red Russian kale start spares from Pacific Potager.

The rotten/dead tree in the front yard came down yesterday while I was working @ BMF, too.

Runner ducklings had their first time in the grass – TP & MF came in to meet them, and Basie was great with everybody.