April 29, 2018

Most of the black grow bags have been filled and placed, and four planted w/oca (x2), ozettes, and sunchokes.

Stirred gathered worm castings and occupants into southern square 4×4 bed.

Eugene spread lots of garden soil on the ground from the back of the carport towards the garden, to try to better the mucky area there.

Added more soil atop low spots in the beds, around the plantings.

Got 1 haskap, 5/5 Fort Laramie & Seascape strawberries, and 5 Jersey Knight asparagus crowns at Kathy’s with dad.

A cat pissed in the repotted turmeric the other night, so I rinsed and repotted the whole plant, hoping to give it ts best shot at recovery. Still pretty droopy. (made full recovery)

The lemongrass is growing more quickly than I expected.

Overall a day of good garden progress, though it threatened to rain all day yet has, at midnight, not yet rained.

Went back out after lunch and got sunchokes planted and put a giant seed ozette in the NE corner of the NW 4x bed.

Getting large planters active in addition to the hard raised beds helps bring a greater gardeny feeling to the space, and large containers lea to smaller container planting, which builds layers and visual interest.

Would be neat if there were a practical way to, for instance, microchip perennials that die back down then return, like asparagus and strawberries.

I’ve just been grooving on Down to Earth organic fertilizers, but want to education myself about nonrenewable or potentially ecologically-damaging-in-their-harvest ingredients, like some of the -ites.