April 19, 2018

Planted out Walla Walla and Candy Apple onion sets. It feels very much like fun fake gardening to dig a hole and pop a baby onion in. I see with much more understanding why many gardeners plant nearly the entirety of their gardens from starts.

I am also very pleased that E, of BMF is pleased with my work, her husband, K, came outside last time to very loudly and kindly appreciate my popovers, and she is returning my bowl to me with red Italian onion starts. I hope to have a long and mutually beneficial/positive relationship with them. They know much that I do not, but I may also have my own knowledge to bring to the table. I had never heard about 13 leaves on onions, and it was incredibly enlightening to read about the foliar growth and bulbing cycles of onions.

Jacob and I were also discussing the possibility of doing work together – not at all because either of us needs work or money, but it could be pretty entertaining to do some brother/sister farm and garden teamwork.