April 12, 2018

A reminder to myself that I want to follow up on the farm’s fruit trees and grape vines – fruit trees can perish if not properly pruned, and grapes only produce on (now I can’ts remember if only first or second year growth) [Follow up data was that Jake, indeed, takes care of it]

Not sure what I thought my issue was with running out of pea seeds – I have plenty of the Super Sugars, and upon finding them, promptly planted 4 under the grow light. Also got the last of the pea starts out, except for two that haven’t germinated and are likely duds.

Hen laying has been very poor, even with consideration for the cochin not being here anymore – the rate was poor before that, and I worry that I’m somehow not feeding them enough food. Gotta get in on more of that free Thriftway vegetables. [f.u. that more veg likely would not have improved laying at that time, re: protein dilution]

Watered beds C & D w/ duck pond water & planted garlic.