March 30, 2018

Overall a good day in the actions taken. Spent some time with Grandparents Dave and Elizabeth in their garden, weeding the asparagus patch that’s older than I am.

Not displeased that, regardless of the number of eggs laid tomorrow, my estimate for the month (110) is within one day’s worth of eggs of whatever the true total ends up being.

Received, from aforementioned grandparents, one large perennial arugula, a large clump of lemon balm (fool that I am for accepting it), and one cute little strawberry. Strawberry planted in mixed flowers square of the western parallel bed, and arugula clump in center of Western Parallel’s “rocky ” arugula bed. They will have baby asparagus plants for me once all their seeds ‘hatch’ and grow some wispy babies. Need to read to determine the wisdom of baby seed asparagus vs. buying a crown with roots.

Speaking w/ L. H. this morning, he advocated Reemay in case of insects – I wish somewhat that I’d had that conversation before placing the second Territorial order, but it’s fine.

Have a Tuesdate with Grandma Elizabethe to go to Kathy’s Corner. I want to do my best to get the front “hedge” beds ready beforehand.

I have ordered, with the enthusiasm of Eugene, a dwarf satsuma tree of bearing age from Territorial 0 as well as a goji bush and tea plant.

I really enjoy helping other people in their gardens, with their company.

My mental image of what the “growing season” looks like is becoming more concrete, with the process of succession planting becoming a little less vague as I begin starts indoors. Even though they mean the same thing, thinking of succession planting as waves of plants. Learning when some of the more ambiguous plants need to be removed to make way for the new will be an ongoing but achievable study.

Worms from my blue bin will b every happy if I place them outside in a vermicompost topdress. Volunteers are the only potential concern, but I think all those bell peppers have exhausted themselves.