Made it Worse

I have always enjoyed building Things that do Stuff. As a kid, it was often a LEGO flying time machine pirate ship with secret helipad skyscraper base. As an adult, I still play with LEGO quite a bit. But this blog series is about my drinking hobby and programming problems. This is Made it Worse, where I take everyday code from others and do weird things for my own interests.

Everything ends up being about philosophy anyway, so let’s start there. Over the years I have developed some strong beliefs about recreational programming:

All Things are bad. There is a reason to hate everything, if you look hard enough. Constant design changes, upgrades, new features, and refactors will eventually produce a three-headed serpent of a product. Eager project management can accelerate this process dramatically.

Pay it forward. I like to use projects with a strong Permissive license(such as the MIT or Apache family), because they make life simple. These sort of licenses allow reuse without attribution or benefit – including redistribution under a new, more restrictive license. These projects are of great importance to the Open Source community, and their authors deserve our respect. It is polite to say Thanks, especially when none is asked or expected. Contribute bugfixes, help, or extra beer money to the unseen masses who make everything possible: upstream projects.

This is neat, try it! I use the WTFPL for small designs that are not useful by themselves, but may be interesting as a component in a larger system, or for academic study. This style of work occupies a lot of my research and entertainment activities. More useful Things use the AGPL for their strong copyleft protections, encouraging continued community development and user participation.

Everything is for sale. You see something you like, don’t like, or need built? I’ll totally sell it, change it, or create it! Contact me to work something out. Licensing agreements are available to suit any business requirement, as a one-time fee or subscription model.

Have fun, and know when to stop. Life is an adventure – enjoy it! Whimsy, intrigue, wonder, study, and exploration are all required. But remember that everything also has an end, or at least a transition to bugfix status.
Made it Worse

So, what’s the point? There really isn’t one, I’m just sharing some opinions. This is the first post on a programming blog, did you expect some code? That would just have Made It Worse! See you soon for an adventure in bootstrapping.