The dump truck and trailer are proving useful! The first trip for the Topkick under the auspices of It Vends Incorporated has been completed: a trek to Bremerton, hauling away an old pickup truck to be scrapped. It has been a long metaphorical journey to get this rig rolling, and there are more steps to take on this path (of course).

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Serious Business

Zoji, a duckling with a recovering deformity on his bill, follows us around in the yard as water drip-tubes are installed.
Zoji, irrigation hydrospecialist

It Vends Incorporated is a self-perpetuating holistic company for the benefit of its current and future participants. It was formally established in 2019 by Eugene Kashpureff and Hannah Green as a Profit Corporation in Vashon, Washington, United States of America, planet Earth. We offer a variety of products from our home gardens:

  • Poultry: live or frozen ducks and chickens, eggs, feathers
  • Plantings: lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, squash, herbs.
  • Services: project advice and labor, materiel delivery, community goodwill


The first incarnation of “It Vends” was a feature of a chat bot for a trading guild in an online MMORPG. Items could retrieved from a predefined list by the simple command: !vend. In 2011, popularity growth lead to the purchase of the itvends.com domain to provide a Web Interface, and a gradual expansion of the items list. Over several years, the idea has become a lifestyle brand, popular phrase, lifestyle, and mission for its creators.

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April 9, 2019

Ordered 2 more Caragana arborescens seedlings from Burnt Ridge, as well as Hippophae rhamnoides and an everbearing mulberry to develop perennial domestic bird forage and shade layers with usable human fruits.

Bonus effect of these and the also-ordered evergreen huckleberries and future salal is they will draw and host wild birds, with the native huckleberries and salal especially supporting native species, including hummingbirds.

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April 8, 2019

Got the 6 pullets today from a gal who, small island, is the cousin of the owner of the espresso stand we frequent, and for who I am hatching Anconas.

4 dominant Copper, and 2 Color Pack.

Perky things, but pooped out this afternoon/evening and slept as if they’d been killed by botulism.

Lentil’s baby,born today, is 50% dark brahma, and one of the darker blush egg layers – cuckoo maran, maybe. Possibly black star.

April 7, 2019

Parsnips and beets have definitely germinated.

Wild garden lettuce is taking its time.

The large goumi and all the haskap are in bloom.

Finished the third 2×8 garden bed of DripWorks irrigation – it was really a confidence-booster to get rolling on actual dripline – it’s hard to imagine a garden that doesn’t need me to water it!

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April 4, 2019

Candles last night, and Lentil appears to have 2 babies cookin’.

14 live eggs under Snorkel due around the 17th

Alto F1 leek starts just germinated

Moved the 2 boy mules (who might not be sterile), and Rory, who is just kinda crappy, and old enough to go to the farm, to the side yard, to give the females some peace. Males in the main yard now are Oli, Pogo, Skateboard, and Yoshi.

Females are Utie, Ankka, Greycie, Papi (in garden w/babes), Snorkel, Scooter, Blue Mama, Mule Mama (pink band) Barred Oligirl, atipico gal, blue swedish-laced farmgirl.

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April 1, 2019

  • The 3 ducklings, hitherto respectful of/disinterested in the fruit bushes, were going to town on two Sugar Pies and the older of the two goumi – even though the latter has thorns.
  • Would move the family back into the main bird yard, but the chickens are too trustworthy in their fledgling stabbage/pinfeather yanking. Elevated the two smaller bushes instead.
  • Took Robin to the farm, brought back a blue girl and an atipico.
  • Sent tempting photo of a blue or lilac to the owner of a brown duck I’d like to trade for.
  • Turned more of the compost. Papi jumped on top and helped eat worms. I’m pleasantly surprised that the chicken poop bedding isn’t too awful for worms – the more the merrier!
  • Compost has been sitting at 80f this week.
  • Dragged the satsuma out into transitional daylight 0 the damn plastic pot breaking more and more along the way.
  • Off to the farm for tacos and dumptruck purchase with G. L. as well as feed dropoff/egg collection/bird tally.
  • Sowed many past due flower bulbs from G. L. over winter today. Should have winter-sown them.
  • Hand-ripped some sod and grasses from around the shallower front beds, because the runner grasses especially just pop right into the beds.
  • Carrots out front went unmolested all winter. Consider another late season sowing out there – or parsnips anytime now.
  • Sown:
    • Wild Garden lettuces 2×3
    • Halblange parsnips,
    • Yukon gold potato,
    • Austrian crescent potato,
    • 2nd gen. red-skin/white flesh organic potatoes from Thriftway,
    • Makah ozettes
    • Touchstone Beets
    • Cascadia Snap Pea
    • Super Sugar Snap Pea
    • Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea
  • Transplanted:
    • Cloth pot borage to next to concrete pad.
    • Pennsylvania Golden Pawpaw,
    • Campbell NC-1 Pawpaw
    • Unnamed PawPaw seedlings
    • Mint roots around the front window bed
    • Dug up and potted several very large red sunchoke tubers
    • Up-potted about 27 pineapple crush alpine strawberries
  • Bought and up-potted a Hinnomaeki red gooseberry from Kathy’s Corner, with the seed potatoes (Yukon gold and Austrian Crescent)
  • Groomed the bananas
  • First apple bud
  • Moved a couple more 20 gallon bags into the garden for potatoes
  • Moved the large haskap into the garden with the Sugar Pies and topped off its soil, and that of several other perennials.
  • Set up a weird trellis w/ xpen panels for peas and protected from ducklings and chickens with the screen previously over the potato onions and lettuce section.
  • Spent almost the entire day outdoors
  • Discovered a third of last year’s Echinacea purpurea in the front yard 4×4