April 1, 2019

  • The 3 ducklings, hitherto respectful of/disinterested in the fruit bushes, were going to town on two Sugar Pies and the older of the two goumi – even though the latter has thorns.
  • Would move the family back into the main bird yard, but the chickens are too trustworthy in their fledgling stabbage/pinfeather yanking. Elevated the two smaller bushes instead.
  • Took Robin to the farm, brought back a blue girl and an atipico.
  • Sent tempting photo of a blue or lilac to the owner of a brown duck I’d like to trade for.
  • Turned more of the compost. Papi jumped on top and helped eat worms. I’m pleasantly surprised that the chicken poop bedding isn’t too awful for worms – the more the merrier!
  • Compost has been sitting at 80f this week.
  • Dragged the satsuma out into transitional daylight 0 the damn plastic pot breaking more and more along the way.
  • Off to the farm for tacos and dumptruck purchase with G. L. as well as feed dropoff/egg collection/bird tally.
  • Sowed many past due flower bulbs from G. L. over winter today. Should have winter-sown them.
  • Hand-ripped some sod and grasses from around the shallower front beds, because the runner grasses especially just pop right into the beds.
  • Carrots out front went unmolested all winter. Consider another late season sowing out there – or parsnips anytime now.
  • Sown:
    • Wild Garden lettuces 2×3
    • Halblange parsnips,
    • Yukon gold potato,
    • Austrian crescent potato,
    • 2nd gen. red-skin/white flesh organic potatoes from Thriftway,
    • Makah ozettes
    • Touchstone Beets
    • Cascadia Snap Pea
    • Super Sugar Snap Pea
    • Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea
  • Transplanted:
    • Cloth pot borage to next to concrete pad.
    • Pennsylvania Golden Pawpaw,
    • Campbell NC-1 Pawpaw
    • Unnamed PawPaw seedlings
    • Mint roots around the front window bed
    • Dug up and potted several very large red sunchoke tubers
    • Up-potted about 27 pineapple crush alpine strawberries
  • Bought and up-potted a Hinnomaeki red gooseberry from Kathy’s Corner, with the seed potatoes (Yukon gold and Austrian Crescent)
  • Groomed the bananas
  • First apple bud
  • Moved a couple more 20 gallon bags into the garden for potatoes
  • Moved the large haskap into the garden with the Sugar Pies and topped off its soil, and that of several other perennials.
  • Set up a weird trellis w/ xpen panels for peas and protected from ducklings and chickens with the screen previously over the potato onions and lettuce section.
  • Spent almost the entire day outdoors
  • Discovered a third of last year’s Echinacea purpurea in the front yard 4×4

March 31, 2019

  • Took the bird run down to bare soil level this week, finally. Rebedded with 1.6 bags of Gem white shavings, but it’s still not enough.
  • Moved carrot burlap to reveal sprouts and hung it to shade the paw paw saplings. Set cold frame upon trellis to protect carrots.
  • Experimented w/2 windows from old farmhouse shed /\
  • Planted the rest of the potato onions from the replacement shipment from VENDOR for a total just over 60 – I’ll recount when they sprout.
  • The 3 babies are incredibly bold and come running when I call them. The black female is just starting to pin on her bread, and all three have had little feathered tails for a while now.
  • 2 more Ancona egg broken – I inspected it and it appeared to be infertile – perhaps just a hot dud popping, but it didn’t smell rank to me.
  • 15 eggs now.
  • Hauled, arranged, and tidied many of the 20 gallon soil bags.
  • Rachel has been going outside for cat adventures.
  • Scooter is also brooding now, and two or three more gals have just started laying. Probably Utie, Blue Mama, and Greycie.
  • Raked the garden path mulches up a bit and some of the yard.
  • Spent quite a bit of time outside in the wee hours last night making a pair of raccoons uncomfortable. I went out to see/hear one scrabble back up the fence into the big bay laurel in the Danger Corner. Hit them with thrown dirt clods, driving them higher into the tree. Let both dogs out to make a display of large animals being fast and agile., and went out again later to make it uncomfortable for them to leave the tree as well – I want them to just know our yard as a Bad Time Zone. I ultimately let them climb down out of the tree (1am?), and they left with further help from the hose that I’d been spraying at them. They’ll be back, but I’m glad to have ‘won’ this encounter.
  • Got all feed secured and the feeder into the can. Moved the rooster, who’s been sleeping in the doghouse with some girlfriends, into the coop, and better-secured the door of the run.
  • Transplanted some of last year’s strawberry crowns to the front bed with the rhododendrons.
  • Need to sow: peas, lettuce, parsnips, hong vit, mache, golden beets, dill
  • Need to start beans, tomatoes, squash
  • Turned almost all the first compost bay over into the second bay – whoof!
  • Many perennials, etc. from last year that I assumed would have wimped out over the late summer, or winter, are resprouting – including the Echinacea purpurea in the front 4×4, and in the middle of bed A with the radishes.
  • Time to transplant chives, harden oca and mashua,and I’m moving the citrus outward.
  • A green lemon fell off the lemon tree when I jostled it on DATE

Conservation Pieces

Intentions, steps, and possibilities in native & heritage preservation


  • Water sources 2017
  • Wood duck boxes
  • Bat houses
  • Owl nests
  • Invertebrate habitat
    • Mason bees 2018
    • Aging logs 2017
    • Brush pile 2017
    • Mulches 2018
    • Pollinator forage
  • Natives
    • Evgrn hcklbry 2018
    • Salal
    • PNW salamanders

Duck Breeds

Dutch Hookbill
On waitlist w/ Holderread Waterfowl for September 2019

Snorkel sitting eggs March 2019
15 a/o 3/31/2019

Australian Spotted

Mini Silver Appleyard



March 26, 2019

  • Planted a number of carrots: Dolvica (pelleted), Oxheart, Red-cored Chantenay (the last of the seed), and covered with burlap from work. Prepared the bed with a very conservative quantity of Down to Earth Starter Fertilizer beforehand.
  • 1 more broken Ancona egg (16 now)
  • Neat to see the rooster rush in to stop a hen squabble, and he tattled when Basie let himself into the bird side of the yard.
  • The 3 ducklings I kept from Papi’s hatch (blueM, piedM, atipico blackF) are incredibly cute and outgoing, though the pied one tugged my earring, punched my eye, and pinched my nose.
  • Helped at work’s garden – we laid ground cloth, pegged & slit it, and I sowed carrots, beets, kale, & chard while the beds ahead of me were leveled and more soil tilled. Rained as we wrapped up, and then was sunny today – perfect for new seeds.
  • Peeked at pre-emergent mashua and another beginning to leaf. Moved ex-pen panels (x4) to surround where I think the mashua are.
  • Both goumi, one Siberian pea, and the honeyberries are budding – the Sugar Pies are already forming little green flowers.